Saturday, February 26, 2005

Notes from the Music Guy XV

The Taizè Community is a monastic community in France, famous for its form of prayer and its music, which is central to its form of prayer.

"Lost in prayer and praise" might be a good way to describe it. A key phrase, often scriptural, is set to a melody, and then repeated over and over again, much like the Rosary. It allows the participants to empty their minds of other things and focus on God. Another religion might call it a mantra, but Taizè prayer is always focused Godward, and, again, is usually scriptural.

We have sung a number of Taizè pieces in our mass here. "Eat This Bread" is especially well known, but also "Wait for the Lord", "Jesus, Remember Me", and "Gloria, Gloria", which we sang this past Christmas.

If you ever get the feeling that a song is just repeating over and over again, and is only inviting you to boredom, listen harder - it's really inviting you be "lost in prayer and praise". Because sometimes, lost is good. Especially if you're in good company.

May Christ be the song in your heart,


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