Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So, Last Summer...

...I swore I wouldn't take any more summer classes - just can't concentrate, need time off, bla bla blah. But then summer rolled around, and I got overconfident. So here's the report card:

Chorale: A
Organ: C+

IOW, it happened again. Some people just refuse to learn from history. :(

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

New Life for St. Josaphat's

Maida's decision to allow it at St. Josaphat seems in keeping with the spirit of Vatican rules, Reese (of America magazine) said. But, "It would be counterproductive if too many people turn this into a marketing strategy to fill churches. The idea behind allowing this mass was that it could help older people in the later stages of their lives. The hope is that this mass eventually will fade away."

I really don't think that's the point, and I think Reese knows that all too well. I'm guessing a lot of the massgoers will be Gen-X'ers. Read the article.

The museum approach At St. J's is interesting, because it's always been my contention that falling back to the Tridentine mass belies a museum approach to liturgy. I know there are those who disagree passionately. Maybe I'll hear from one or two of ya...