Monday, August 06, 2007

Five Masses, four parishes, one weekend

I don't think I'll try that again, but it was fun. About 250 miles on the car though. Only real hitch came when the 6pm cantor didn't show, so I had to lead the mass at a strange parish I'd only played at once before. But even that went okay, though I punted on some of the less familiar tunes / settings. I had learned them well enough to accompany, but not to lead.

Here's a songlist of sorts - it's from memory, but I think it's all there. Note - sometimes things add up to 5 because of repertoire changes at the two-mass parish:

All Creatures of Our God & King (LASST UNS ERFREUEN)
Embrace My Way and Cross (Glover)
Take This Moment (Bell)
We Come to Praise Him (?)

Creation (Haugen) x2
Mass for Grace (Haywood)
Mass in Memory of Fr. William Cunningham (moi)

Ps. 49, Rise Up O God (AURELIA, Morgan)
Ps. 95, If Today (Haugen)
Ps. 27, The Lord is My Light (Haas)
Ps. 95,If (Cooney) x2

Alleluia / Gradual Sequence Hymn:
Thy Word (Grant / Smith)
Mass of Remembrance (Haugen)
Alleluia, Give the Glory (Canedo/ Hurd)
Alleluia, Jesus Is Lord (??)

Lord, Hear Our Prayer (Alonso)
Lord, Hear Our Prayer (Hay)
-spoken- x2

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart (SLANE)
The Servant Song (Gillard)
Lord, Increase Our Faith (Haas)
Only This I Want (Schutte)
Calling My Name (Walker)

Preface Dialogue:
(Brown) x2
-spoken- x2

Mass for a Soulful People (Brown)
Mass of Creation (Haugen)
Sing Praise & Thanksgiving (Joncas)
Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco)
St. Cyprian Mass (Louis)

Mem Acc:
Mass of Remembrance (Haugen, adapted)
Mass of Creation (Haugen)
Sing Praise & Thanksgiving (Joncas)
Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco)
Jesus Died Upon the Cross (Brown)

Amen I (Robinson)
Mass of Creation (Haugen)
Sing Praise & Thanksgiving (Joncas)
Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco)
Amen from Total Praise (Smallwood)

Lord's Prayer:
The Lord's Prayer (Malotte)
-spoken- x3

Sign of Peace:
All These Blessings Come From God (trad?)
-spoken- x3

Lamb of God (McLin)
Mass of Creation (Haugen)
Sing Praise & Thanksgiving (Joncas)
Mass of the Angels and Saints (Janco)
Lamb of God (Ray)

Once No People (Durran / Pulkingham)
You Are All We Have (O'Brien)
One Bread, One Body (Foley)
Gift of Finest Wheat (Westendorf / Kreutz)

Communion II:
Give the Lord Your Heart (Mahler)
Silver & Gold (Franklin)
Taste and See (Moore)
-omitted- x2

Christ is alive! Let Christians sing (TRURO)
How Great Thou Art (O STORE GUD)
For the Healing of the Nations (ST. THOMAS)
Bless The Lord (Walker)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Goodbye, Karen Marie

I didn't know Karen well, but she opened her home to me for the 2005 NPM convention. We spent some quality time together, she filled me in on Milwaukee history - I grew up there, but left in '69, still a teenager. I had the privilege of pushing her around town in her wheelchair, we shared a concert and "dinner at a nice place" together... and, outside of sending her a thank you note, I don't think we talked since. But she was still a small point of light in my journey, and I won't forget her.

Check out her blog, Anchor Hold, at .

Thanks to Mark Shea for the info, and Brian Page for the heads-up.

She was a great Christian. I'll miss her.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More on the Motu Proprio

Given the series of concessions that have already been made to Catholic traditionalists, and the radical views and program of those to whom this pope has given his approval and endorsement in the past, it is difficult to believe that with Summorum pontificum a definitive compromise has been reached and the matter will end there. A more plausible understanding of the present moment is that it marks another step toward a goal that the vast majority of Catholics would not countenance if it were openly acknowledged-namely, the gradual dismantling of the liturgical reform in its entirety.

I mostly agree. Though I am not fond of slippery slope arguments, the trend lines here are undeniable. And the SSPX's explicit rejection of the paschal mystery's centrality to the Mass - and the implicit embracing of that view by reinstating the old mass - is especially troubling.