Thursday, October 30, 2003

Eisenhower High School Class of 1973 Reunion

They finally found me! My EHS (then a Washington, MI mailing address, now Shelby Twp.) class reunion committee, that is. We were the first class to graduate from EHS - school opened in 1970 (sorta - we used the Malow Jr. High building), but only had 9th and 10th graders the first year. Probably a great formula for creating megalomaniacs - we were the upperclassmen for 4 years straight, counting 9th grade at Shelby Jr. High (from whence a good 95% of us came). For me it was even worse, having finished 8th grade at a 5th-8th grade middle school. Five consecutive years as the senior class at your school robs you of some perspective, I would guess...

So my pal Curt Pollack, the only guy from school I'm still in touch with, gave me the flyer this past weekend, at mine & Kim's 25th anniversary bash (I still need to post THAT story). I probably won't go - it's over Thanksgiving weekend, and most of my best friends from those days are still on the MIA list. But I know **I** did a search a while ago and couldn't find anything. So, since I know the search engines can find this site, even though NOBODY leaves me comments anymore (waaah!!!), here's my public service announcement:

EHS Class of '73 Reunion
11/29/03, Cracklewood Golf Club
18215 E 24 Mile Rd.
Macomb, MI 48044
6:00pm - ???
$25 per person, includes buffet.
Cash bar.
Hosted by: Rod Sapien & Steve Kasprzyk (and Jerry Penzien owns Cracklewood)

RSVP by 11/06/03
email Rod at
register at (I did!)

I'm gonna leave Rod's phone and snail mail addy off the web for now. I'll put 'em up if he asks. is interesting - found out tidbits about my old girlfriend, and found a webpage for my favorite teacher, the guy who turned me on to jazz all those years ago:
Thank you, Mr. Teachworth!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Yahoo! News - U.S. Not Ready for Total Abortion Ban, Bush Says

Well, I'm ready, but he may have a better sense of the pulse of America than I do. Meantime, he's signing the bill outlawing partial-birth abortion, that's good enough for me. For now.
Quote of the Day

"Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanks to Ange for turning me on to it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Cool. Who's pourin'?

You're Ireland!

Mystical and rain-soaked, you remain mysterious to many people, and this
makes you intriguing.  You also like a good night at the pub, though many are just as
worried that you will blow up the pub as drink your beverage of choice.  You're good
with words, remarkably lucky, and know and enjoy at least fifteen ways of eating a potato.
 You really don't like snakes.

Take the Country Quiz at
the Blue Pyramid

Friday, October 10, 2003

Take a look at Helen's travel pics:

Helen's quite a musician too! Check her and my other home recording pals out on:

Now only $17.99 - 3 CD set.

Warning - there SHOULD be a parental advisory on this one - not Helen's (aka Shaky's) piece, though. But approach the piece by "Brad" very carefully...

Thursday, October 02, 2003

This Is Promising

Yahoo! News - House OKs 'Partial Abortion' Ban

The American Civil Liberties Union (news - web sites) and the National Abortion Federation (news - web sites) have already announced plans to file a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Courts have struck down several similar state statutes.

To quote our fearless leader - BRING IT ON! I want to see this debated everywhere - too many people with their heads in the sand on this one! There is SO MUCH new evidence of the humanity and vitality of these children, and so much shift in social mores and policy (the "ruined reputation / ruined life" story doesn't play anymore), that the more public this debate comes, the more the tide will turn in the favor of Life.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

NPM Detroit Calendar Page

October 5th, St. Gerald's Farmington, 7pm. Be there!!!

Sadly, I won't - I'm off to Hamilton, Ontario for a weekend of musical hijinx, with the Mrs. & the granddaughter.

Okay, I'm not THAT sad, but I wish I could do both...