Saturday, November 20, 2004

Notes from the Music Guy V

The Feast of Christ the King is not just the last Sunday mass in the church year, it is the culmination of the church year: we celebrate the eternal reign of Christ as King of heaven and earth.

It's really a big deal, though we sometimes lose track of it, with all those other feasts and seasons all over our calendars, and with Thanksgiving coming right behind it.

This year, we thought we'd give the feast its due, so this Saturday the Resurrection and Nova Gospel choirs, from St. Elizabeth's Church on Detroit's near east side, will be singing at our 5:00 mass. They've been working to learn some of our acclamations, and we've been working to learn some of theirs (whether you knew it or not, heh heh). I had the privilege of working with St. Elizabeth's for the past year, and they graciously agreed to bless us with their presence.

By the way, a quick read through the Book of Revelations makes it pretty clear what all of us will be doing when we reach heaven: we'll be singing in the choir. Mass is a great opportunity to get in some practice!

May Christ be the song in your heart,


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