Saturday, November 06, 2004

Notes from the Music Guy IV

Here’s what we share with every singing Christian community out there: the opportunity for “engaged worship” – worship that draws the believer in and resonates throughout his or her being. That means that “alleluia” doesn’t come just from my voice box, it comes from my heart. Such engagement is elusive, and ultimately a very personal thing, different for each worshiper.

There are a variety of tastes and opinions and moods in the assembly these days, and music can divide as easily as it can cause us to come together. Some churches have taken to offering different masses or services in different styles: I hope WE never come to that. Part of our calling as Christians is to encourage each other in faith – perhaps best accomplished by helping the other guy sing his song. So here at St. Clement’s, I will strive for enough diversity in the mass that, by the time each mass is over, we will have sung something that touches everyone.

May Christ be the song in your heart,


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