Thursday, December 19, 2002

Going Local

Finally, NINE years after moving to Emmett, Kim and I went to mass this past Sunday in Emmett, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. We were trying to get to the local Christmas tree farm when it opened.

I'm not sure what I expected - I'd heard there was no music program, but also had heard a neighboring DM was trying to help juice some of the other parishes in the vicariate to improve their liturgies and music.

Here's what we found:

Missalette from "Our Daily Missal", with a lot of public domain music, a few homegrown pieces, and a few copyrighted Catholic classics.
Hardbound "Glory and Praise" hymnal, the old NALR one.
WLP's "Voices As One" was also in the pews, but we didn't use it.
A cantor with a very good voice, though I'd like to give her some "how to use your arm to invite the assembly to sing" lessons. Either do it or don't - sticking your arm out sideways doesn't cut it.
An organist with limited chops, playing very simplified arrangements.
A spoken psalm, but gospel acclamation (Walker's Celtic) was sung.
Introductory remarks to the first two readings, read by the lector.
Prayers of the faithful ended with the famous prayer to St. Michael ("...defend us in battle..."). Rousing (!!!) participation from the pews.
A spoken Sanctus, followed by sung Memorial Acc, Amen, and Lamb (Creation).
The cup was withheld.
The priest was VERY hard to understand. Homily touched on pro-life points, but difficult to make out anything coherent.
Assembly had very minimal participation on sung parts, except the Lord's Prayer.
Except for opening with "O Come O Come Emmanuel", the readings, and the priest wearing purple, the only sign that this was Advent was use of Haugen's Ps. 25, "To You, O Lord" (appointed common psalm for Advent), at second communion. A very nice touch, but organist was unprepared, and we weren't invited to sing. I did anyhow (refrain only).

We're not really "in parish", I don't think. I'm pretty sure we're in St. Nicholas parish in Capac instead (another home of lame liturgy).

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