Friday, October 18, 2002

We got a call from Andy (our 18 y/o son) last night - his wife of four months, Sarah, miscarried twins. She's okay physically, but they're heartbroken. So are we.

Please pray for Andy and Sarah and their lost babies.

Followup: a friend sent me this...

Prayer for a Miscarried Child

Praise God for His gentle Love,
beyond our understanding;
For His Love that conceived you, a perfect child
beautiful, unique and whole,
For His Love that longed to share with you
the wonders of creation,
For His Love that waited-
for just the right time;
for the just the right parents,
for you.

But something happened
before you were born,
The sin in this world
attacked your small life-
Weakening, dimming
your bright little spark.

God had to decide
on the more loving course:
To heal you in this life;
and to let you be born;
Or to call you to Himself-
to hold you in His arms,
and to heal you with a kiss.

It's hard for us to understand
why God healed you the way He did.
Often we wish you were here;
that you didn't die so young.
So please ask Jesus to help us
to see you through His eyes:
Perfect, free and happy
playing by Jesus' side.

Written by Carolyn Harney and printed in "Healing the Greatest Hurt" by
Matthew Linn, Dennis Linn and
Sheila Fabricant

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