Thursday, October 17, 2002

Jennifer on Life

Our gal Jen has said that she believes that life begins at conception, but that it is a belief based on her religion, and she won't impose her beliefs on others.

Puh-leaze. If she TRULY believed these were human lives being slaughtered, could she really stand by and let it keep happening when she had the power to help stop it? If she could, that's even scarier, because it means she'll let Americans kill 1.2 million babies just so that she doesn't impose her beliefs on someone else. Or lose he party's backing. Her position paper at the link above doesn't mention abortion or choice, but does mention "family planning" a couple of times. It was hard enough watching Bonior keep silent on this issue, but hearing JG waffle on this is 100 times worse.

What's far more likely is that she's paying lip service to the RC line, and if she believes it at all, only believes it in some symbolic sense. It's a life, but only in a theological sense, and not in a flesh-and-blood sense? Disingenuous, at least.

Someone (more articulate than me, I hope) needs to seriously call her down on this. What do you believe, Jennifer? If these are human lives, why do you support laws that let them be killed? If they're not (in your eyes), why do you say they are? It's not a gray area, there's not one answer for religion and a different answer for the "real world". Choose one answer, very carefully, and stick to it. And we will pray for you, and for the babies, and their mothers.

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