Monday, July 01, 2002

It is finished

My last weekend at St. C's was far from a thing of beauty. Bangless, whimpering, tearless. A few warm farewells, a card (with cash! I spent it on bowling) from the deacon, a couple of strange, almost weird, guest priests, a "new" psalm - Haas' 116 - we'd sung it responsorially before, but I taught them the verses this time.

And then it was over. I packed up my remaining stuff - magazines, sheet music, cables. I made arrangements with my successor (because they can never "replace" me) to loan my wedding music until she can replace it, and I was gone. We'll swap keys Thursday.

I still need a place to practice my organ lesson - I'll broach subject w/ Fr. and Ann on Thursday. I'm still a parishioner, maybe they'll cut me some slack. Sad to leave it behind, but I feel oddly liberated today. O freedom, O freedom, freedom is coming, oh yes!

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