Saturday, June 22, 2002

Today (2) - afternoon wedding

I spent 4-5 hours between masses cleaning out my office - MAN, I had a lot of stuff. Couldn't get it all in one trip.

Here's the mass - visiting priest from Ohio, family member. A few new wrinkles...

Stookey Song (no guitar - Caroline's CFS really acted up the last time she played)
Beloved (moi)
Ave Maria (Schubert) - had to keep going around while we waited for the moms to get around to lighting the candle - did the Bach/Gounod for awhile, too, but sans music, and I didn't know it well. So what they really got was some inventions inspired by Bach - and, eventually some Schubert.

Processional - Christ, Bless This Marriage (TRUMPET VOLUNTARY, my text) - got a raised eyebrow from guest Fr. describing this one, but he pitched right in. Bridesmaids process to TVol in C, bride processes in D, then we mod to F and sing responsorially, using the A melody from TVol: "Christ, bless this marriage as you blessed the wedding at Cana; Lord, change our lives as you once changed water into wine" **. Verses use the part B melody from TVol.
Psalm - 128 (Haugen)
Gospel Acc - Lawton
Unity Candle - Make Us One (Cymbala)
Table Prep - Ps. 116, The Name of God (Haas) Fr. rushed through prep, but we made him wait through all 3 verses - he kept singing with us, though.
Mass - Creation (Haugen) Fr. intones the preface to the Anamnesis and the Doxology using the Haugen melody. I love that. Our pastor was never up to the challenge.
Communion - One Bread, One Body (Foley) From the missalette - a no-hymnal-mass.
Recessional - THE ASH GROVE - interminable - a few verses on piano, then switched to organ. I seem to be much freer with organ improv than piano, despite my general clumsiness on the organ and comparative pianistic fluency. Go figger.

There was a very nice homily from Fr. who's a chaplain at a Catholic university (I'm guessing he's SJ, but the folks I asked didn't know), but I missed most of it, as the heat was really getting to me!

The big controversy came when some of the wedding party (no one fessed up) hauled our VBS display off the altar and tossed it in the back room. It WAS big and ugly, but it was also fragile, and they really screwed it up. Our pastor was pretty PO'd, though he was genteel about it. The guys wound up putting it back together before they left, but it's pretty messed up. Think I overheard something about a wedding policy change in the works.

** Copyright Jay Ricketts, 2001. All rights reserved.

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