Saturday, June 22, 2002

Today (1) - morning funeral
Not exactly a funeral - Gladys died a few months ago, in Florida. Her family got together to pay their respects today.

Included in their family is Katie - a now-21-y/o I worked with a few years ago when I was doing LifeTeen at a neighboring parish. She planned the mass (with a little input from moi), and canted. Mostly went very well.

Prelude -
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (Thomerson) - she wanted this as recessional, but our parish doesn't know it, so we moved it to prelude)
Softly & Tenderly (Amy Grant arrangement, but with all 4 verses - A only did 2, so Vince could take a guitar solo)
and something she put together - seemed nice, no accompaniment, but couldn't get the lyrics. Pretty melody, sounded Irish

Processional - Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen) - skipped v. 4, alternate melody always throws everyone
Psalm - 23 (Haugen)
Gospel Acc - adapted from Joncas' Come to Me - we take lines 1 & 4 of the refrain, replace the lyrics with alleluiae, and sing the verse intact. THE most effective alleluia I've heard at a funeral (IIDSSM).
Table Prep - You Are Mine (Haas) light participation throughout mass - participation was a little better on this one
Mass - Creation (Haugen) except Danish Amen
Lord's Prayer - Snow
Lamb - Creation (Haugen) apparently I forgot to warn Katie we're 3 and out - she kept going for a sec
Communion - You Satisfy the Hungry Heart (BICENTENNIAL, Westendorf/Kreutz) one of the great communion hymns - good choice, kid!
Recessional - How Great Thou Art (O STORE GUD) FINALLY - they belted this one out. Katie had been trying to avoid the "funeral faves", I think this shows the strength of using them, though. Good thing I swapped this and the Thomerson.

Katie told me, when we were rehearsing last week, that in a way I'm responsible for the success of the music ministry at her college - the DM couldn't get anyone to help do music at the masses, so she stepped forward... something she said she couldn't have done without my prior work with her (I threw her to the wolves a lot) in LifeTeen. Now she's recruited 3 of her friends, and things are going nicely.

It's great to hear stuff like that. Kind of reminds me of Easter Vigil - I light your candle, you light somebody else's, pretty soon we're all lit up! Which is the point, of course - it's just so cool to see real life bear out our symbolism.

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