Thursday, June 27, 2002

Last Night's "Holy Hour":

Kids are on their way to Steubenville. We had Exposition and Benediction, peppered with lots of Praise-n-Worship songs. Gave the CCLI license a workout!

Here's the playlist.

Entrance: Awesome God (Mullins)
...O Salutaris (missalette translation, plus Latin)
...I Pledge This Song to You (Cowan)
...Open the Eyes of My Heart - one of my favorite P-n-W songs. I forget the composer.
...You Are My All in All (Jernigan)
Gospel Acclamation: Agnus Dei (Smith) - if you take the Third Day version, strip it down to bass & guitar, and then play those parts on piano, that's kind of what we do. It works better than you'd imagine.
More adoration:
...Come Into My Heart (Cowan)
...I Exalt Thee (???) - it's on the Time/Life Songs 4 Worship CD - composer escapes me.
...Refiner's Fire (Doerksen) - started midtempo, realized they're used to it faster, so I did a tempo change before v. 2. Sounded like we had planned it that way.
....Tantum Ergo (missalette translation, no Latin) - Fr. hates the translation in RitualSong.
Exit: Shout to the Lord (Zschech)

Nice level of participation from the kids. My cohort, Caroline, was on mic. This was our last mass together, kind of bittersweet. Also my last mass w/ Fr. - they'll both be in Steubenville with the kids this weekend.

Side note: I'm not a big fan of P-n-W. Fits my skill set well, though (WAY better than hymns or chant), and it IS cool to see kids sing this stuff so reverently and enthusiastically. But a whole service full of this stuff is like a meal that's 8 courses, all of 'em dessert. "Blehhh", as Charlie Brown used to say.

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