Friday, June 28, 2002

Back to the Franklin
I've been trying for 6 years to make my life organized without using a Franklin - they're pricy and bulky - and have finally given up.

My most recent system involved using GIA's Worship Week planner - 2 pages per week, extra space on Sat/Sun. Worked well for church stuff, then used my Franklin back pages for extra notes, and carried a steno pad around work for notes there. Work was really suffering, though.

I think the deal is that Franklin's two pages per day gives the user a no-doubt-about-it place to write notes. With a smaller day's surface, I was always worried about WHERE to write stuff. Analysis paralysis, my life's story. We'll see if returning to the high-priced world of Franklin refills brings me back to my previous level of organization.

BTW, this previous level would still be "woefully disorganized" by other people's standards. It is probably the best I'll ever do. My 5th grade nickname was "Day Late and a Dollar Short". Thanks, Mr. Lund...

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