Thursday, May 30, 2002

What WE did for Trinity:

Assembly Marian Prelude: On This Day, O Beautiful Mother (BEAUTIFUL MOTHER), from the missalette. We almost NEVER use the missalette - thanks to WLP for including this one.
Entrance: God, We Praise You (NETTLETON, Idle) - goofed at one mass and announced verses 1 and 4 instead of 1 and 2. Verse 2 is the only one with a direct Trinitarian reference. They sang it well anyhow.
Gloria: Mass of Light (Haas) - great participation on this one. AND more of the assembly is joining in on the verses every week.
Psalm: 95, This is the Day (Haugen) - reprising our common psalm for Easter season. I'm not happy about it. Assembly DOES lift the roof on this one, though. Thanks to my daughter for suggesting we learn it 4 years ago.
Gospel Acclamation Ps. 113, Praise God's Name (Joncas) - verse 4, of course.
Table Prep (except 9:30):Holy, Holy, Holy (NICAEA)
Table Prep (9:30): Praise the Lord, Sons and Daughters (EMMETT, Ricketts) - its debut, stirring and near flawless. Our tiny choir (8 of us, I think) sounded twice that big. My last new piece at St. C's. Sniff...
Sanctus: St. Louis Jesuits (Schutte et al) - Fr. surprised me by CHANTING the preface - he's never done that before. He told me later that Trinity is the only preface he knows - had to do it at seminary for his liturgy class.
Memorial Acclamation D: Lord By Your Cross (Foley)
Amen: St. Louis Jesuits (Schutte et al) - only sung at pastor's masses - retired pastor speaks the Doxology, so we speak the Amen.
Communion I: Now We Remain (Haas)
Communion II: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (GROSSER GOTT) - I broke my longstanding no-strophics-at-communion rule. Worked fine - this is one of the few hymns we can do that with. BTW, I know you didn't ask, but we DO the dipsy-doodle on "infinite". Unrepentantly.
Recessional: How Great Thou Art (O STORE GUD) - today was harmony heaven for the choir - 6 pieces with harmony. Just worked out that way. It's usually only one or two.
Assembly Postlude: God Bless America (Berlin) - 9/11, and every Sunday since. They ALL stay for this one.
Organ Postlude: O STORE GUD reprise - sur le petit Hammond (L-100), Leslie (147) in full cry.

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