Thursday, May 30, 2002

Memorial Day Mass
Falling attendance last few years. THIS time, only the the daily mass crowd showed. And me - I'm not part of the daily mass crowd. 15 of us all together, including Fr.

Entrance: Battle Hymn of the Republic - sadly, without our retired priest, a former Navy guy. His favorite hymn. Fr's been fading fast. Hope he hangs on.
Psalm: 72, from Respond & Acclaim (Alstott). Our bookkeeper canted - she's my favorite. Not so much her voice, but what delivery! What a presence!
Gospel Acclamation: Celtic (Walker). We scanned the GAs we knew for a good peace-n-justice verse, Celtic hit the closest. Forget which verse now. What's my name again?
Table Prep: Canticle of the Turning (STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN, Cooney) just 2 verses. But glaarrrious verses they were, Lassie!
Sanctus: Spoken - on Fr.'s (apparently mistaken) cue. If he speaks the preface, we say the Sanctus and the rest of the mass. But...
Memorial Acclamation D: Lord By Your Cross (Foley) - ...then he sang the lead-in to the anamnesis. Fortunately, I wasn't kneeling in the aisle, so I flipped around and played the first intro that came to mind. I would have preferred the C for today - we do one of mine, set to DIVINUM MYSTERIUM - but we've been singing the Foley all season, so that's what came out.
Amen: Danish
Lord's Prayer: Snow (unaccompanied)
Communion: Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (Temple) - RitualSong has the STUPIDEST chords for this (I work out of the guitar book, though I often ignore their harmonization). Forgot and followed them for a sec, then snapped out of it. Assembly (with cantor's help) continued to sing as I went up to receive at the end of the line. Doesn't work for too many songs, but for THIS one it does.
Recessional: God Bless America (Berlin)

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