Friday, May 31, 2002

Tomorrow's Wedding
This girl's been calling us for a year and a half! She's out of parish, but a big fan of my co-director, a soprano with a gorgeous voice and lots of expression.

Prelude 1: The Wedding Song (Stookey)
Prelude 2: I Will Be Here (Chapman)
Prelude 3: Beloved (Ricketts) - pop/r-n-b style, pulls from Song of Songs and St. Francis' Canticle of Brother Sun. Wrote it for Kim for our 22nd anniversary.
Entrance: Jesu, Joy (Bach) - not part of my regular repertoire. Going in an hour early to practice it. Star*Search modulation for bride's entrance.
Gathering: Amazing Grace (NEWTON) - large protestant contingent at this one - we recommend using gathering song and post-communion hymn of praise for a bit of community-building at mixed-denom weddings
Psalm: 128, Blest Are Those (Haugen) - fun facts to know and tell - some obscure rubric somewhere requires at least one reading to be directly about marriage - #128 satisfies that requirement
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia from Sing a Song (Lawton) - we snipped the alleluia section out of this otherwise mundane setting of Ps. 96 (careful though - Lawton uses Vulgate numbering) - it is wonderfully cheery, with a theme (blessings) that works well in a wedding GA
Unity Candle: Make Us One (Cymbala) - everyone wants one, pastor wants to accommodate, and I'm only a terrorist on my hot-button issues, burning extra wax not being one of them. MUO is a perfect snippet for this occasion - we actually get through it twice, with a Star*Search modulation and a tag. Great gospelly chords, nice piece of writing from the director of the Brooklyn Tabernacle
Table Prep: Covenant Hymn (Cooney/Daigle) - Another great piece of writing. It's the Ruth/Esther story, but fits marriage commitment almost like it was custom made. We use Petrunak's arrangement of this.
Mass: Creation (Haugen) - the Esperanto mass...
Lamb: ditto
Communion: One Bread, One Body (Foley) - would that the Scallon were in our hymnal.
Hymn of Praise: God, We Praise You (NETTLETON, Idle) - Yay! No one ever goes for this! Hope we got a singing bunch.
Recessional: ODE TO JOY (piano/organ) - If I get brave, OTJ will get my Emerson treatment - Hammond really cooks

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