Friday, May 31, 2002

Last Night's Bacc
Great fun - see playlist below. Taught the psalm, GA, and recessional before we started. Assembly (100 or so) rose to the occasion, great participation on everything. Protestants drowned out the choir on the Zschech. Soloists nailed their parts, codirector and I added some harmonies for This Little Light. Organ postlude was the Zschech up a step - maybe I should practice these a little more before I jump into them...

Several nice comments after - my codirector loved the psalm, a few of the assembly offered niceties - but the coolest thing was a note from one of the teens (11th grader, and the only one who's been there since day one 4 years ago), where she said how much she'd miss me (I'm leaving end of June), and that I was the best thing to ever happen to the parish. She's always been supportive, but wow! What an honor.

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