Wednesday, May 29, 2002

A response to "Who else is sick of Marty Haugen"?

Oh come on. Just don't use the canon. Or blend it properly (canon well below the verse lyric). Anyhow, we used it, skipped the canon, had the choir sing on the final verse instead. Worked great.

Don't forget that just because a piece can be used in the Liturgy of the Word doesn't mean it HAS to be. It could as easily be used at Table Prep or communion. I'm particularly fond of using well-known responsorials at second communion. I'll post more on my participation obsession another time. Anyhow - the choral bag-o-tricks, or whatever he called it, works fine in those instances.

I agree that wallowing in choralism is not what the LOW should be about. But the job of discernment falls to the DM here. I appreciate having the canon option, even if I never actually get around to using it.

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