Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Jay Ricketts
Liturgical Composer/ Songwriter, 1996 - present
Music Director, St. Cornelius Church, Dryden MI, 4/1997 - 6/2002
Accompanist & Ensemble Member, St. Blase Catholic Church, Sterling Heights, MI, 9/1993 - 6/1998
Ensemble Member, St Leo Catholic Church, Inwood, WV, 9/1992 - 6/1993
Bar Musician, Detroit, DC, and Martinsburg areas, 1976-1995
Married 23 years to Kim
2 kids, Jessica, 23, and Andy, 18
2 grandkids, Wesley, 23 months, and Alyssa, 10 months

Reason for this blog:
(a) I like blogging
(b) I have something to say (listen or don't) about church music
(c) I occasionally have something to say about Catholicism, ecumenism, and the like.
(d) The guy at Care and Feeding didn't offer postback or email options. And I HAD to respond (more on that later).
(e) My HTML could really use some work!


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