Tuesday, September 28, 2004

All Things Must Pass, Part II

This past Sunday was my last at St. Elizabeth's. I've accepted the job as Music Director at St. Clement of Rome, in Romeo MI, a northern suburb of Detroit.

The worship space is beautiful, especially the panorama: you get the sense of being surrounded by nature. This may be different when the greenery is gone, of course.

Nice small 2-manual Casavant - 14 stops? - and a Kawai grand, which sounds a little jangly, but still nice. Worship II and Gather I in the pews.

The workload is light, the pay is good, the politics may be treacherous: time will tell. I have a sub, which always makes things better. And Romeo is only a 20-mile drive, compared to 40 for Sterling Heights and 50 for Detroit. No choir at first, but there is a dormant cantor program which I'm expected to resurrect.

I haven't severed ties with the other churches, but will continue at St. Elizabeth's on a volunteer when-I-can-make-it basis, and at St. Blase as a scheduled accompanist through December only.

And, I'll need to rename the blog again, as I am no longer "Once and Future", as of October 1. I can't remember what I used to call it. Maybe this time we'll go with "Confessions of a One-Eared Music Director". Whaddya think?

Hello? *thump* Is this thing on?

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