Saturday, May 29, 2004

They're playing my song!

Got to do a wedding today with the cantor from my old church, at another church. Of course, we did a couple of my songs, cos we always do. But she told me that my replacement at St. C's scheduled my Pentecost Sequence for today/ tomorrow.

What was odd, was that I didn't remember writing one. I wrote a song based on the Easter Sequence, but the Pentecost Sequence wasn't ringing a bell.

I went home and checked my files - sure enough, I had deconstructed Divinum Mysterium, borrowed some existing lyrics, and assembled a nice little piece of music. COMPLETELY forgot about it!

Also, this could probably only happen in small towns:
The cantor and I ran the music program together in Dryden from 1997-2002;
She was secretary at the church (where we had the wedding) in Allenton until recently;
The pastor in Allenton is also pastor of the church in Capac, where my wife and mother-in-law now attend; and
My wife is waitressing for the wedding reception at the banquet hall in Imlay City tonight.

One more piece of news - Happy Silver Jubilee to my pastor, Fr. John Markham. He's been at St. Elizabeth's for 38 years!!! A bishop is coming tomorrow, not sure which one. Hope he's not expecting a Pentecost Sequence from us - apparently, if it ain't Gospel, we don't touch it...

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