Thursday, April 29, 2004

A draft translation of the new Mass in English

Well, here it is. Still preliminary. These are all jpegs, about 60kb per page, so for those of you on dialup looking for song texts:

Page 4: Kyrie (only the priest's part is changed)
Page 5: Gloria (significant changes)
Page 14: Sanctus (the hosts are back!)
Page 17: Anamnesis (only 3 instead of 4)
Page 25: Doxology/Amen (largely unchanged)
Page 37: Pater Noster (unchanged)
Page 39: Agnus Dei (grammar alert!!!)

Creed's somewhere between 8 and 13.

I'm reserving comment, though I spoke to this before. Maybe after I've had time to chew them over for a while...

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