Wednesday, June 25, 2003

A Turning Point, of Sorts

disclaimer - this was a November 2002 entry - some Blogger weirdness resequenced it, apparently...

Kim and I have a running joke about the fabulous movie "Home for the Holidays", a funny and touching study in family dysfunction. We rent it every year just before Thanksgiving, so that when her family gets together, we're reminded that there are families out there, albeit fictional ones, that are even worse than us.

Not THIS year, though. I mean we did watch the movie, but the fictional family finally got out-weirded by the real one. Announcements and fights about homosexuality, childhood sexual abuse, negligent mothering, self-centered money-grubbing, and pulpit-pounding flew, Kim's brother stormed out, Kim's sister stayed pissed at everyone for hours.

Food was great though. I'm thankful for my nice, the great cook, my wife, who tried so hard to love everyone in that room, my granddaughter, the belle of the ball, who at 16 months is the prettiest little girl on the planet...

...and for MY side of the family, who never gets together for anything except weddings and funerals. "I am truly blessed", he said, only half tongue-in-cheek.

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