Friday, January 03, 2003

Strike Three, Dummy!

I missed mass on Wednesday (Mary, Mother of God). Apparently our parish, with its published holy day mass times of 9am and 7pm (and no vigil ever), skips the 7pm. We showed up at 6:55 to an empty parking lot. So we went to dinner...

...But we also missed Christmas mass. Dragged our butts Christmas morning, snow was too bad to make our church on time (an 18 mile drive), started calling around... no one had their Christrmas mass times on their recordings. So we let it slide. We've already talked about it - family gathering or no, we will be going to midnight mass from now on...

...But I also missed All Saints Day mass. I was running late from the office, couldn't make our parish in time (107 mile commute. Each way. Not a typo. One hundred seven.), so I tried to go in Davison instead - turns out their holy day pm masses are at 6pm.

So maybe the real reason I need to stay in music ministry is just so I got my sorry tail to church on holy days?

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