Wednesday, January 22, 2003

30 Years Worth of Dead Babies

Amy Welborn speaks on her own experiences at in between naps - and it models my own family closely.

Dad was the product of a hasty marriage, as was our daughter (mea culpa). Both our grandkids were born out of wedlock as well.

No such luck for our niece's first two (three by some family stories) kids, conceived when she was 15 and 16. Her dad insisted, they're dead, and a later miscarriage may well have been caused by the damage done by the abortions.

I didn't like Nixon, but he gave us China. I didn't like Reagan, but the Berlin Wall fell. I don't much like Bush...

...But maybe we'll finally get a Supreme Court that recognizes abortion for the evil it is, and that the "rights" demanded by the pro-choice movement are greatly outweighed by the "rights" of the unborn and the obligation we have to them, THE most helpless and horrifically abused of Americans.

After America's senses finally return, history will look on Roe v. Wade as the far crueler cousin of Dred Scott, where the rights of slaveholders were held higher than the rights of the slaves they oppressed.

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