Monday, December 02, 2002

Somebody keeps coming here looking for a "cubase hack". I do use Cubase, and made some crack somewhere about my "hack" playing ability.

Hacks, for the uninitiated, are methods for defeating the copy protection on software. Cubase, for the other uninitiateds, is a software music recording and sequencing program, one of four industry leaders (others are Sonar [fka Cakewalk], Logic, and ProTools).

First, that kind of hacking is theft. Buy the software. If you can't afford it, use a freebie - ProTools Free, for example.

Second, I'd be surprised if you COULD hack Cubase. Steinberg (developer) sets it up with a "dongle", a piece of hardware that plugs into your serial port or your USB port, depending on your version. That's about the most secure type of copy-protection. It's possible someone left a "back-door" for troubleshooting, but I'm guessing it's not reachable.

ANYHOW!!! This is a church music site. Thou shalt not steal. Hacker go home.

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