Thursday, December 12, 2002


Last exam - Music History I - and orgellesson last night. Exam was a bit tougher (or I was a bit less well-prepared), but I think I got all the listening questions right (40%), and 75-85% of the rest, so, probably a B.

Got an A on the paper, but awash in a sea of red ink. He'd like me to tighten up my writing style - drop the conversational tone, make sentences less complex - or at least use fewer commas. He LOVED the paper though, said with fixes it was potentially publishable. I'm not sure I would - I make some assertions that are not well-substantiated, and cut a lot of corners, due to the prescribed length. It was supposed to be 15 pages, came in at 26.

Without the final (25%), I've got a solid A, so I could weather a B on the final, I think. A C would drop me, though.

Lesson was interesting, too - we tried elevating the organ bench (I'm 6'4", with 36" inseam), and a whole lot of my balance, posture, and pedaling issues resolved themselves. I'll be working on Grosser Gott over the break, though I kinda wish I'd picked a Christmas Carol or two. Absolutely no idea what the orgelgrade will be. Chorale should be an A - strictly attendance-based.

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