Monday, November 04, 2002

Stuff I Iearned from my Site Meter

1) Wow! 20ish hits a day - I had no idea!
2) More people than I expected were looking for St. Cecilia info.
3) My favorite St. Cecilia search so far: St. Cecilia and why is she a saint?
4) Most disturbing St. Cecilia search so far: St. Cecilia + breasts. Probably related to the St. Agnes story, where HER breasts were cut off before she was killed.
5) Most disturbing search overall: gumdrop nipples - they're part of my song for Kim, below. Completely appropriate, I still maintain, but not sure I want THOSE kinds of hits.
6) My disturbing searcher got 153 Google hits for "gumdrop nipples".
7) No hits from St. Blog webring navigator.
8) BUNCH of hits from Catholic Page for Lovers' bloglist. Thanks, Gerard!
9) Other people use that "most recently updated" list from Blogger. Got 3 or 4 from there. I thought maybe I was the only one.
10) Variation on #1: 20ish hits a day and ALMOST NOBODY sends me mail or posts replies. And NOBODY AT ALL since the meter went up.
11) Several hits on Jennifer Granholm, too.

Oh yeah, and Don't forget to vote!

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