Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Music History Exam Today

And I'm not ready. I keep retaking the online fake test, and coming in about 75%. There will also be 18 Renaissance pieces we're supposed to recognize - they all sound the same, except for a poorly-sung frottola and a solo harpsichord piece. There's only one English Language piece, and one German Language as well - so I should be able to get those. The rest are all motet or motet-like (to my sorry ear) arrangements for 4 voices, more or less tonal, with slightly varying amounts of musica ficta applied. I imagine I SHOULD be able to tell Palestrina from De Prez from Ockeghem - but I can't.

I smoked the last test - ancient and medieval music - highest grade in the class. I have spent more time prepping for this one, and I am just lost.

St. Cecilia, pray for me!

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