Monday, November 25, 2002

Latin Mass Magazine, in support of traditional Roman Catholicism publishes this predictable gripe from a concert organist.

I hang with concert organists, and appreciate their perspective (in a nutshell, only art matters), but Morris, the interviewee, takes it way over the top by likening the mass to a meal, the music to dishes, and contemporary songs to "dead flies".

This kind of vitriol probably makes Latin Mass advocates nod in agreement, but for the rest of us, it's really quite an insult.

And Mr. Morris thereby shows us what he's made of. Personally, I will continue my work toward blended liturgy. Bring on the slings and arrows...

Followup - I posted this because it's been addressed around St. Blog's. Only after posting did I notice it's a 1999 article. So it's not news, obviously. And still obviously a hot-button issue for some.

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