Monday, November 18, 2002

Granddad's Cousin

Granddad never mentioned him to us, neither did my Dad, but when my bro and I were divvying up the mementos in September, our stepmom told us about Granddad's cousin, who left him a bunch of silver tableware. Apparently a well-known author and bon-vivant, lifelong bachelor because he was, um, GAY. Way before his time, apparently.

So, I guess, Granddad treated him like he didn't exist. But we looked him up in Who's Who, 1948 (which we had because Granddad, a Rear Admiral in the Navy, was listed), and there he was: Corey Ford. My first cousin, twice removed.

I got the silver, and got curious about Granddad's Cousin Corey. Today, on a whim, I bought a toon collection of his on e-bay:


He wrote the jokes, someone else did the drawings. Circa 1951.

It looks, from the cover, to be what used to pass for "grown-up humour" - bosomy babes, double entendre, heaping dose of misogyny, etc. Oh well, he's family.

I'm so proud...

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