Tuesday, November 12, 2002

God's Little Lounge Band

This was the nickname my first parish's DM's husband gave our ensemble. Kinda funny, though not real accurate...

...but this past weekend, I heard them. Not my old choir - they're 500 miles away - but God's Little Lounge Band. They were actually named for the leader, (whom I will not name, nor the church), i.e., the John Doe Ensemble. It was awful. Just awful. Competent musicians and singers, mostly, but aagh! Outside of Mass of Creation, I only knew the first communion song. The rest were okay (some Soper lyrics were really pretty good), but they all had this lite-rock sameness to them, except for one quasi-gospel piece (also Soper). And the keyboard sounds! Eccccchhhh! Lotsa cheezy harpsichord, some cheezy vibes, some extra cheezy gospel organ. Never DID hear any piano. Sounded like a Casio. Lots of vocal solos - though we were invited before mass to join in whenever we heard a soloist, no one much did. The wall-to-wall carpet was great, too.

All the traditionalists who decry "contemporary" music a la Haas, Haugen, Hurd, and the Jesuits - if THIS is what they're hearing, I don't blame them. Bleahh.

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