Thursday, November 07, 2002

Can a man have too many blogs?

Well, there are plenty who feel that one's too many - Tim Drake, for example.

I had two, plus two shared ones - deleted a shared one (a work-related team progress site - never took off), and have now started a new one, in celebration of subscribing to BlogSpotPlus, so they're all shared here now. Found out you can move old blogs, too, so my other standalone is hosted here also.

In Big Belly Skinny Man, I keep track of my weight. I started out keeping track of my diet as well, got too busy to track and post it, so went to weekly weigh-ins. Coincidentally (or NOT!!!), I stopped losing weight when I stopped posting what I was eating. Maybe I should go back.

In Graytail Adventures, I write about the new band, first addressed here at St. Cecilia's.

There's a lot of potential common ground between Graytail Adventures and St. C's, so for now, St. C's gets church music, music college courses, Catholic issues, politics, and occasional personal and family stuff. Graytail Adventures gets band stuff, equipment, song lyrics, mp3s, and the Listening list.

I haven't added commenting, site metering, email links etc. to the other sites. Yet. Soon?

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