Sunday, October 13, 2002

Putting the Band Back Together

Yes. I'm a pathetic caricature of a 47-year-old. In my case it's not a little red sports car, or a chickie on the side. It's me and a bunch of pot-bellied balding former local heroes getting together for one last stab at glory, even thought we know it's too late.

But we sound pretty good, IMO. And we're doing originals, which I've never done before, at least not as the main focus of a project. We've taken a few approaches - pre-arranged parts, lead sheet approach (where song is mapped out, but "parts" aren't predefined), and group-composition approach (where we jam, grab a part we like, go bakc and tweak it, play some more, tweak some more, etc.).

Stay tuned - we're pretty strong at every position, and the lead singer and drummer are both MTV-ready, even if the rest of us have faces for radio...

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