Thursday, October 24, 2002

Back in the Saddle, One More Time

Our youth group is going "on the road" this weekend, and helping with a mass down at St. Malachy's in Sterling Heights, one of the parishes they went to Steubenville with. It's going to be a hey-look-what-we-did-this-summer mass, where we teach the assembly the S'ville music, the kids do a wordless skit during the homily (with Creed's "My Sacrifice" blaring in the background - not for the timid!). We're just helping - the ratio of St. Malachy's kids to ours will be about 4-1 - but apparently the kids and leaders from both churches thought that I was the guy to carry the ball on this. I'm sort of honored, but conflicted - under my directorship, I refused to do all-Steubenville masses, as they tended to leave the rest of the assembly in the dust. But, since everyone from both churches and both sets of ministries (youth and music) seems to be on the same page, I discreetly tucked away my terrorist card and went along.

Here's what we're doing:

In: Days of Elijah (Mark)
Ps: 18, I Love You, Lord (Ricketts)
GA: Agnus Dei (Smith, arr. Ricketts)
Pr: Let It Rain (Smith) / Awesome God (Mullins)
EA: Mass of the Blessed Sacrament (Duncan) OR Creation (Haugen)
AD: Mass of the Blessed Sacrament (Duncan)
C1: You Are My World (Sampson)
C2: You Are My All In All (Jernigan)
Ex: Trading My Sorrows (Evans)

I'm also excited they wanted to use my Psalm 18 - I'd recently reworked it from its former existence as a gospel-style rave-up to a more introspective, praise-n-worship ready piece. I did this for my band, but when I saw what Sunday the mass was, I asked if we could try this - they really liked it, I think.

We asked for permission to use Creation, but we'll do the Duncan mass if we have to - timing is tricky, sort of a jaunty French Renaissance style piece, with irregular measures all over. The composition is wonderful, but it sounds like it might be a disaster waiting to happen, at my hands. At least it's tonal...

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