Friday, August 30, 2002

Link of the Day

...of an accidental choir director

Doubtful he (Aristotle Esguerra) and I will ever agree on much, but he does have the good sense to post a pic of:

One interesting note - he gripes about Joncas' "The Love of the Lord", aka "Come See the Softer Side of God", but I noticed he dips his musical jug often at the Alstott well - I wonder if he ever noticed how much one of Alstott's lenten psalms (I forget which) sounds like "We Sang in the Sunshine"? BTW, the reason that we never used Joncas' "Nuptial Blessing" was that the verse sounded way too much like "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...".

He also has the good taste to swipe some of our old "Trash the Hymn" work from THE CLUB, though it was our pal Brian's stuff, not mine. And I know, it's not a CLUB anymore, but it was when we wrote these.

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