Thursday, July 18, 2002

Funeral this Saturday - actually, another memorial. Family asked for me, I deferred to Anne (our new director) she asked me to take it so she could observe. Caroline will copilot/cant. I'm really looking forward to working with her! I used to sort of take it for granted...

Songlist is the usual, except we're doing (blush) Lara's Theme From Dr. Zhivago, Somewhere, My Love. Apparently this was the decedent's personal song, he'd sing it to his wife, his kids, and his grandkids. Prelude only, though. Not in the mass, not on my watch! Family was fine with that.

So I went to Border's last night, and found that WB has put out three fake books (Standards, Jazz, and Blues), much in the tradition of "The Real Book", except these are legal. But they even use the same typeface. Anyone who ever used the infamous RB will instantly recognize it. So I bought the standards book - over half my funeral fee, but good for a lifetime. I still use my Real Book, 15 years later.

Right after the funeral, I rehearse with Debbie for a wedding the following week. Still not sure what we're doing, bride & mom want to get together after 11:00 mass on Sunday. Since our rehearsal is before that, not sure how much we'll be able to accommodate. I know they want the Schubert Ave, though, so we'll rehearse that.

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