Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Finally, the personal stuff:

Andy's our 18 year old son. He's always been a bit, um, difficult - extremely bright, but not interested in schoolwork, or in public acceptance. And it's not that "I want to be unique, just like all my friends" stuff. He skipped the piercings and the gothness and the weird hair (I'm covering the weird hair thing for him...), he really doesn't care much what the rest of the world thinks.

He moved out after 11th grade, shortly after his 17th birthday. He dropped out of high school, and enrolled in an on-line high school, opting to get his diploma that way rather than shooting for the GED.

Two years before that, he met a girl, Sarah, over the internet. She was nearly 3 years older, but seemed nice, and he liked her a lot. She lived about 45 miles away, so we'd drive him out to meet her in Davison, about 35 miles. He only had a learner's permit then. They'd go to the movies, or dinner.

And, apparently, dessert. Shortly after the beginning of 10th grade, Andy wrote us a note telling us that Sarah was pregnant, he was the father, and he wanted to marry her after finishing high school.

Wesley, now 2, was born 6/6/2000. We saw him, once, when he came home from the hospital. Andy and Sarah were married 6/22/2002. We found about about it with a wedding announcement received through the mail. Her family knew, but apparently did not attend either - it was a private ceremony.

Kim (my wife) and Andy were very close, and the last couple of years' events have broken her heart.

Since the wedding and my original post, Sarah and Kim have made some faltering steps toward reconciliation. Kim's putting on a post-wedding shower for our side of the family, Sarah and Kim have had dinner - and Kim finally got to see some Wesley pictures.

So, there you have it. Our little soap opera. Missing a lot of the day to day agonies, thoughts, motives (both perceived and/or real), and other details that went into the decisions and reactions. But you get the drift, I think.

Back to work.

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