Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Tonight's prayer service:

We're billing it as a "Holy Hour". Fr. is out of town this week, so one of the deacons will run the service. We'll be doing a lot of music prior to reading of the Gospel (apparently NOT doing a Liturgy of the Word, as no lead-in readings). Exposition and Benediction (I think - can we have that without a priest?) too.

We plan to do a mix of participatory and contemplative stuff, with a lot of responsorials. Here's what we KNOW we will use, barring the unforeseen:

Ps. 104, Send Out Your Spirit (mine, with 10 verses collected from many of the wailing psalms - thanks to J. Michael Thompson for doing the legwork!!!);
Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling (Amy Grant arrangement);
Deep Within (Haas);
Ps. 63, I Will Lift up My Eyes (Conry) - esp. v. 4;
Ps. 51, Create in Me (Kogut) - we often drop the verse a fourth, modulating back for the refrain. Doesn't sound bad, ultimately the singer's call;
O Salutaris (DUGUET);
Tantum Ergo (ST THOMAS);
Take Up Your Cross (ERHALT UNS HERR).

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