Monday, June 25, 2007

Still alive

Still alive

Not much to say, lately.

Joined a 60's soul band, but it broke up right away. Great potential shot down once again by personality clashes.

Had another Voxfest gathering, reasonably successful. I suppose I should post pics. Again, almost nothing got recorded.

My kid finally cleaned his truckload of crap (bought out an old auto parts warehouse) out of the basement this weekend, so I'm going to move the studio down there: not enough room in the bedroom, plus we really need a guest room. Watch for pics of the new space once it's ready.

I probably haven't mentioned the Alesis Fusion 6HD that I bought a while back, or the Cascade Fat Head II ribbon mic. Consider them mentioned. Love the Fusion, and the Fat Head is a great mic for the right voice. I'm not the right voice. But you knew that...